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At D’Elegance, we understand that every woman is shaped differently. That’s why we make personalised consultations an integral part of our customer service experience. But we go beyond just reviewing your size in these sessions. We delve deep into your habits, fashion choices and lifestyle because these factors play a part in determining your perfect shapewear. In fact, our personalised consultation service is a hallmark that distinguishes us. Through these private sessions, we help you understand your body shape and discover the right shapewear to achieve a stunning silhouette.


The D’Elegance experience

We’re firm believers that consultation sessions should be highly pampered affairs. At D’Elegance, you can relax in our luxurious consultation rooms and chat with our highly experienced fit consultants over refreshments.

In your exclusive D’Elegance personal consultation session:

  1. Your consultant takes the time to share with you the benefits of shapewear and to understand your goals and needs.

  2. With a clear understanding of your requirements, your consultant will then recommend shapewear to best suit your personal fashion and lifestyle needs while ensuring that you attain that perfect silhouette.

  3. Next, we take your measurements and plot the figures on our proprietary chart.

  4. We bring out the recommended shapewear in your size for you to try on, and measure you once again, plotting the new measurements so you can see the difference between your pre- and post-shapewear sizes instantly.

  5. Any adjustments needed for that perfect fit will be recorded and subsequently implemented.

  6. We’ll arrange for a second fitting session on another day for you to try on the altered shapewear to ensure that the fit is perfect. Our consultants will also provide advice on how to wear the shapewear for maximum effect.

You’ll walk away with beautiful shapewear that fits your body perfectly so that you always look gorgeous and feel fabulous.

Enhance your true beauty and empower your life – schedule a one-to-one consultation session with us today.

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